Animal Hackers welcome

Hello pet owners, welcome to Animal Hackers, the home of your pet!

Animal Hackers is a website created by veterinarians and people who care about the health and well-being of domestic pets.

We will not hack your cat, dog, or beloved pet, we will help you understand how they “work”!

We are excited about the following:

  1. Providing ample, clear, and concise information about the anatomy of your pets and the way they operate; sharing sound knowledge about their basic biology, physiology, and behavior (as a way to comprehend “what makes them tick”) along with offering solutions to issues that may affect their health.
  2. Becoming your primary source of tips, advice, and veterinary expertise and guiding you, step by step, through basic procedures until your pets begin to feel better. We will keep you up to date on the best animal-related products in order to keep your furry companions happy and in top shape.
  3. Striving to share information that will contribute to bringing and sustaining an optimum degree of health to pets anywhere in the world.

May you and your beloved pet enjoy the ride!