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Here you can learn interesting things about dogs, cats, and other pets related to the function of body parts that predispose to disease and other problems and that we should know to better understand these problems or just for the overall culture

Dog smell dog. One of the most developed senses in one species in nature: smell sense in dogs

Dog Superpowers: SMELL. Dog smell sense, a highly developed sense

Dogs are special in many ways. Today we will talk about some interesting facts about the terrific dog smell sense.
Vision in pets can go wrong due to multiple causes. Dogs or cats can suffer from many eye diseases. Sight can not only be lost by problems related to the eye but also the nerve pathways that connect the eye to the area of the brain specialized in interpreting visual stimuli

How to tell if your dog or cat is going blind. Testing of a...

When we humans are having problems with our sight, we commonly start having difficulties reading a book or problems while driving a car. Our...

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