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A healthy dog or cat will bring you joy and happy moments. Here we will cover many broad topics in pet health, how to prevent and recognize disease conditions to take the correct actions before is to late.

Dog urinating. Feature image for the article All about a dog with kidney failure

20+ tips about a dog with kidney failure   

A dog with kidney failure is a result of previous kidney disease. Kidney failure is the most severe case of kidney disease...
Our Temperature Chart for Dogs gives you information on the normal and abnoermal temperatures in dogs

Temperature Chart for Dogs: Normal, cold and hot

As a dog owner, you want to make sure your furry friend is happy, healthy, and comfortable. One crucial aspect of your...
how dogs get heartworms? Mostly through mosquitoes through biting a dog like the one in the image

Understanding how dogs get heartworms. 15+ prevention tips

Quick recap: What are heartworms? Heartworms are long, thin parasites that live in the heart and lungs of infected...

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