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Animal Hackers welcome
Welcome to Animal Hackers, Animals explained
Animal Hackers welcome
Welcome to Animal Hackers, Animals explained!

Hello World!

Welcome to Animal Hackers!

Greetings to all of you out there who love and truly care about animals.

We are an editorial team comprised of veterinarians, veterinary students and people with backgrounds associated to the care of home and farm animals

Our main objective is to deliver high quality content related to animals, (we won’t formally admit it but you’ll see a lot about dogs and that other ‘official mascot of the Internet’ on this site). Actually we will be covering pets (and sometimes the exotic ones), farm animals and even wild animals. The practical applications of the concepts of animal welfare is always on our minds.

If you would like to read our mission statement, you can go <here>

We envision the continuous delivery of practical and educational articles to a large community of well-informed animal owners-lovers.

From now on, we thank you for visiting our website. We are looking forward to sharing precious pet/animals-related information and hoping to build a significant connection with you!

The Editorial Staff of Animal Hackers.


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